Balmain Boys Do Cry

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

too hungover to post anything sensible today

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Topics of discussion might include:

  • Why are christmas parties in the sun such a bad idea?
  • Why are enough americans so appallingly dumb that a quality program like Fox's "Who's Your Daddy" gets greenlighted?
In Who's Your Daddy?, which will air in the States as a Fox 90-minute special on January 3, the woman eventually will find out which man is her biological father. But first she must interview and observe the eight men and guess which one is her birth father. If she's correct, she wins $132,000, but if she picks one of the counterfeit dads, that man gets the money.

Pure class from the people who brought you The Littlest Groom

  • Whether posing for a plumbers crack line photo at a blue-collar christmas party really is such a great career move, or not?